Current issue

Social Sciences and Education Research Review
Volume 4, Issue 2, 2017 PDF

Global Business Cycles with Real Shocks in a General Equilibrium Trade Model with Endogenous Human Capital
Wei-Bin Zhang

The discursive construction of meaning across texts and media PDF
Vittorio Marone

Reading in your first and second language. On the use of prior knowledge when processing fictional texts at school PDF
Anna Lyngfelt

Continuity and change of religiosity. Selected results of sociological research on religious attitudes PDF
Marek Korzeniowski

Predictor Relations between Owned Values, Self-Efficacy for Protecting from Substance Abuse and Future Expectations among Adolescents PDF
Abdullah Selçuk Şen, Bülent Dilmac

On Some Aspects of Foreign Language Teaching at the Beginning Level PDF
Patman Antadze-Malashkhia

Implications of critical pedagogy in second language classroom education: a georgian case study PDF
Giuli Shabashvili, Ketevan Gochitashvili

The relationship of organizations with the media in crisis situations  PDF
Alexandra Iorgulescu, Mihaela Marcu

Transhistorical views over the journalism as a profession PDF
Xenia Negrea, Dan Valeriu Voinea

Vatican radio. Romanian identity personalities 
(archive documents from 1969-1971) PDF
Carmen Ionela Banța

Considerations on organizing and conducting a radio debate case study: a debate on media representation of children PDF
Davian Vlad

The accounting of the grant funds and subsidies PDF
Aurelia Dumitru, Andrei Bogdan Budică, Adrian Florin Budică, Alina Georgiana Motoi

The protection of children with parents left for work abroad PDF
Adrian Nicolescu

The communication between the media and tradition PDF
Bianca Teodorescu

Values as an object of study for the American and the French sociology. A review of F. Znaniecki’s and R. Boudon’s perspectives PDF
Gabriela Motoi

The historical roots of the concept of opinable PDF
Ștefan Vlăduțescu

Tilea, M., Duță, O.A., Reșceanu, A. (Eds.)-sustainable and solidary education. Reflections and practices (2017) PDF
Aida Cornelia Stoian